Fir Essential Oil

Product Description

Fir (Abies) Essential Oil has a high concentration of antiseptic compounds that can stimulate the immune system and prevent infections.  It has been known to help the body detoxify by inducing sweating and flushing out toxins.  Other benefits can include pain reduction, increasing metabolism and reducing body odor.  Can be used in aromatherapy to help improve respiratory functions.  It can also be used in cosmetic products, perfumes, bath oils, air fresheners and incense

Available as:

  • Fir Needle – extracted from the needles; earthy, foresty aroma; respiratory benefits
  • Balsam Fir (Abies Balsamea) – extracted from the needles and the twigs; mild, grassy aroma; antioxidant – supports immune system and helps sore muscles
  • Silver Fir – extracted from the needles; woody aroma
  • White Fir (Abies Concolor) – anti-inflammatory; antioxidant
  • Siberian Fir (Abies Sibirica) – anti-inflammatory; can help balance emotions; supports the immune system

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