Cocoa Butter

Product Description

Origin:                         Africa

INCI:                            Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter

Extraction Method:     Pure prime pressed from the Cocoa Bean

Color:                          Pale yellow to white

Odor:                           Chocolate to neutral

Texture:                       Semi solid, smooth


Key Attributes:          

  • High levels of saturated fats derived from stearic acid and palmitic acid (lower levels of myristic acid) and unsaturated fats derived from oleic acid (lower levels of palmitoleic acid and linoleic acid)
  • Melting Point 34⁰C – 38⁰C
  • A natural emollient used for its ultra-hydrating properties
  • Known antioxidant – can prevent rancidity in personal care products – and anti-inflammatory



  • Skincare – facial moisturizer, body lotions, body butters (great for stretch marks), shaving cream and soaps
  • Cosmetics – anti-aging, lip balm
  • Haircare – conditioner, masks


We offer Natural, Certified Organic, USP/NF


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