Apricot Kernel Oil

Product Description

Apricot Kernel Oil is a light, highly emollient oil that absorbs rapidly into the skin.  It is unsaturated and similar to Almond Oil in texture and composition, however, it contains higher amounts of the Omega-6 essential fatty acid Linoleic Acid.  It is the universal carrier oil used throughout the food, nutritional supplement and cosmetic industries.

Apricot Oil can be used within a wide array of cosmetic, personal care and massage products and applications.  The oil helps soften, soothe and protect the skin and leaves it feeling nourished and hydrated. It is an effective emollient and is well suited for parched, dry, itchy, mature and problem skin types. Within hair care applications, Apricot Kernel Oil helps to condition and restore vitality to dry and damaged hair.  It can detangle, promote hair growth and reduce dry scalp.  As an ingredient in soap, it can make it less oily and slippery.

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