Grape Seed Oil

Product Description

Origin:                         Chile, Italy, Spain

INCI:                            Vitis Vinifera

Extraction method:     Cold pressed from the seeds of the grape

Color:                          Yellowish to green

Odor:                           Odorless

Texture:                       Light, absorbed easily without a greasy feeling


Key Attributes:          

  • Rich in proanthocyanidins, a powerful antioxidant, known to protect the skin against sun damage, lessen free radical damage and help assist wound healing
  • Contains essential and non-essential fatty acids; highest levels of Omega-6 than other vegetable oils
  • Rich in Vitamin C, D and E
  • Inhibits the enzymes that degrade collagen, elastin and other connective tissue – very effective for assisting damaged tissue located around the eyes
  • Known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant; non-comedogenic



  • Skincare – moisturizer, anti-acne treatments, known to help remove stretch marks
  • Cosmetics – anti-aging/anti-wrinkle formulas
  • Haircare – anti-dandruff products, shampoo, conditioner

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