Product Description

         (also known as Pro-Vitamin B5)


Origin:                         China

INCI:                            Panthenol

Color:                          White

Texture:                       Crystalline powder; soluble in water


Key Attributes:          

  • A known anti-inflammatory; it acts as a powerful redness reducer when used at only 1.0% in formulation
  • Will provide luster to the hair when used at 2.0% or greater in formulations
  • Works with DMAE in the production of acetylcholine, which can firm and tone the skin
  • Stimulates epithelization to promote wound healing



  • Skincare – lotions and moisturizers; skin repair formulas; after-sun products, body wash, facial creams
  • Cosmetics – makeup (mascara, eye shadow), lip balms and lip sticks
  • Haircare – shampoo, conditioner, humectants, masks and treatments